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After Last Season (2009)

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After Last Season

The End of a Season Means the Beginning of a New One...

20091 h 31 min

A team of scientists is developing a new technology that captures the thoughts of a human subject and changes them into images. Still in its infancy, the technology changes thoughts into simple images and shapes. Two company interns (Matthew Andrews and Sarah Austin) have the chance to test the technology while they pursue a degree in neurosurgery. They study at a university along with other students (Anne Plaven). A brain surgeon named Dr. Marlen introduces the students to real life situations as several unexplained deaths take place around the city. When Andrews and Austin test the new technology at their company, Austin sees flashes of events in her mind. The events relate to the killings in the city. The flashes lead to new and dangerous discoveries. The students may not survive the experiment.

Director Mark Region
Runtime 1 h 31 min
Release Date 5 June 2009
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
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